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Cobb+Co Museum

About Cobb+Co Museum

Cobb+Co Museum is located in Toowoomba, Australia. It is a popular tourist attraction that showcases the history and heritage of horse-drawn vehicles and transport in Australia. The museum was established in 1987 and is owned and operated by the Queensland Museum. It is situated on the site of the original Cobb+Co coach factory, a prominent horse-drawn vehicle manufacturer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The museum houses a vast collection of horse-drawn vehicles, including stagecoaches, wagons, and carriages. Visitors can explore the various exhibits that provide insights into the role of these vehicles in the development of transportation in Australia. The museum also features interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and informative panels that educate visitors about the history and significance of horse-drawn transport.

Cobb+Co Museum

What To Do At Cobb+Co Museum

Upon visiting Cobb+Co Museum, visitors can engage in activities and experiences. One of the main attractions is the opportunity to see the extensive collection of horse-drawn vehicles up close. The museum showcases over 50 vehicles, including the famous Cobb+Co Mail Coach, which was once used to transport mail across vast distances in Australia. Visitors can marvel at the craftsmanship and intricate details of these historical vehicles. In addition to viewing the exhibits, visitors can participate in various hands-on activities at Cobb+Co Museum. The museum offers workshops and demonstrations that allow visitors to learn traditional trades associated with horse-drawn transport. These workshops cover skills such as blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, and harness-making. Visitors can witness skilled craftsmen in action and gain an understanding of the craftsmanship involved in producing horse-drawn vehicles.

For those interested in the cultural aspects of horse-drawn transport, the museum offers a range of cultural programs and events. These programs provide insights into the lives of people who previously relied on horse-drawn transport. Visitors can learn about the experiences of coachmen and passengers and the impact of these transportation methods on society. The museum also hosts special events, festivals, and exhibitions celebrating the heritage and traditions of horse-drawn vehicles.

Cobb+Co Museum

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