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Cobb+Co Museum in Toowoomba 

Cobb+Co Museum, packed with enthusiasm, is one of the best sights of Toowoomba. If you are a tourist, then it would not be fair if you don’t visit this unique tourist destination. Cobb+Co Museum has so much in store for tourists of all ages. From cultural history to natural history, this place tells about everything. Being at Cobb+Co Museum is like being in Australia’s transport era. In other words, it’s like you have travelled in the past through a time machine.

At Cobb+Co Museum, you can come across a variety of displays, workshops and exhibits. The exhibits are always exciting and are skillfully demonstrated. If you are a historian, then brace yourself as the heritage workshops of Cobb+Co offer a history that you would never want to miss. The wide variety of displays also include the bones of dinosaurs.

If you are wondering how the 47 horse-drawn vehicles played a crucial role in Queensland’s development, then worry not as when you will go through the National Carriage Collection, you will get to know everything. 

The gift shop of this museum has so many beautiful souvenirs. There is also Energy for Life Discovery Center where you would be able to understand how your body stores and uses energy. You can also learn the ways of using power more sustainably.

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It’s a good thing to learn some traditional skills. Having said that, the coolest things about the Cobb+Co Museum is that this place helps individuals to learn different conventional skills. Other than this, here, you can learn to create something marvellous that you would not have been able to develop otherwise. 

If you think that this museum is only for adults or is best suited for adults, then you are wrong. Cobb+Co Museum is not only a worth-visit place for elders, but it is also a fun place for kids. The kids would love the Coach Stop Play Area. At Coach Stop Play Area, kids can put on the costumes of old times and pretend like the people of that era. Other than this, kids can also catch a life-sized replica horse ride. The beautiful displays of dinosaurs also catch the attention of kids.

Since Cobb+Co Museum offers so much, there is no way it won’t have a café. If you are tired and are looking for something to please your taste buds, then take a tour of the Cobb+Co Museum’s café. The cafe offers delicious lunch. The visitors so much admire the cakes and coffee of this museum. 

Cobb+Co Museum is 0.1 miles away from Futures Training Restaurant, 0.2 miles away from Wendland Fine Foods and 0.5 miles away from Café Valetta.

 As far as hotels are concerned, this one of the best places to visit in Toowoomba is 0.33 miles away from GlennEllen B & B, 0.58 miles away from Comfort Inn Grammar View, 0.62 miles away from Quest Toowoomba, 0.69 miles away from Beccles on Margaret B & B and 0.62 miles away from B & B Wanulla. 

You can visit the Cobb+Co on Sunday and Saturday. The timing to come on both days is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Long story short, if you want to travel back in time while staying in the present, then you should visit the Cobb+Co Museum. 


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