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Laurel Bank Park in Toowoomba 

Situated near the centre of Toowoomba, Laurel Bank Park is a spectacular location that can refresh your soul. If you are living in Australia, let alone Toowoomba, then you have to pay a visit to Laurel Bank Park. The park holds so much in store to turn your dull day into a fun day.

Laurel Bank Park is breathtaking the whole year, but during the spring season and Carnival of flowers that take place in September, it is most spectacular. The severe planning by Toowoomba Regional Council Gardeners makes sure that the Carnival of Flowers turns out to be a memorable attraction, one that has a carefully planted out area to show floral displays. People from around the globe come to Laurel Bank Park during the Carnival of Flowers in September. 

If you are anthophilous, then Laurel Bank Park is the right place for you as it has a scented garden and manicured gardens where colourful flowers are waiting to please your sight and smell senses. Here, you will see some beautiful flowers that you may not have seen before. The garden beds are raised so that wheelchair users can conveniently access them. The scented garden also comes with specially designed picnic tables for wheelchair users.

If you are having a feeling of wandering in the scented garden, then that would be great as the scented garden has a pond along with a fountain with a bridge that you can come across while wandering in the park. While walking, you will also come across Lithocarpus and English Oak mature trees, Yellow Jacaranda, a kitchen garden and scented plants. Visitors mostly wander in the scented garden not just to look at the beauty surrounding them, but they also walk to take selfies with such beautiful backgrounds.

Weedings and Events at the Laurel Bank Park 

A wedding is a ceremony that should be made memorable. Having said that, if you are about to get wed, then Laurel Bank Park can be the ideal location for this ceremony. Getting married while being in the presence of pure beauty can make the wedding ceremony lit. The magnificent gardens of Laurel Bank Park can provide an excellent background for wedding photos.

Kids would love Laurel Bank Park very much as this park has a fantastic playground area with a significant number of facilities. In the playground area, kids can entertain themselves with various activities.

Near the kid’s play equipment area, a fantastic big gazebo is situated. In case you want to have a BBQ party, then your wish can be granted as the gazebo has BBQ facilities. What’s more, it also has chairs so that families can sit there and talk about various things while staying in the presence of absolute beauty.

Other than the playground area, BBQ facilities and picnic tables, Laurel Bank Park also feature toilets with facilities, clean drinking water and benches.

Suppose we talk about the restaurants that are situated close to Laurel Bank Park. In that case, we have Pattysmiths Premium Burger 0.1 miles away, Gip’s Restaurant 0.3 miles away, Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co 0.4 miles away and Ground Up Espresso Bar 0.5 miles away from Laurel Bank Park.

Long story short, Laurel Bank Park is a fantastic location for visitors. It is a fun place for all ages, and it has some history behind it as well. 

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